Sea Delight and VINATUNA Review the Proposed Vietnam Handline Swordfish FIP Traceability System

August 31, 2019

Nha Trang, Vietnam 

Representatives of Sea Delight and the Vietnam Tuna Association (VINATUNA) met to review the proposed traceability system for the Vietnam Handline Swordfish FIP. VINATUNA recognizes the swordfish FIP because it’s unit of assessment is the important swordfish secondary catch of the Vietnam handline tuna fishery.

Based on the traceability system for the Vietnam Hook and Line Tuna FIP, in use for over 2 years now, the swordfish system shares and records most of the same Key Data Elements (KDEs) as the tuna trace system. The system tracks each lot of swordfish from fishing vessel forward to the end point of sale.

Comparison of some of the KDEs recorded in the 2 systems:

data element.png

Swordfish processors who are participants in the swordfish FIP will be required to use the trace code on all packaging of swordfish exported.

Like the tuna trace system the sword trace system is designed to be entered and stored in a paper-based or electronic format. 

The next step is to conduct a 6-month trial with 2 swordfish processors that are FIP participants. The results will be reported on here.



Eugenio Sanchez