Vietnam Hook and Line Tuna FIP Focus on Traceability

May 21, 2019 Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

 Representatives of WWF USA and VINATUNA are visiting participating tuna processors to check on the progress of the VN Tuna FIP traceability code. The code, developed in 2017, is a simple alphanumeric system used to record the story of the fish.

 The code allows processors to track the lots of tuna from the fishing vessel unloading location to delivery to the customer. Key data elements, such as landing location, date of receiving, gear type and even hook type are encrypted in the code. The code is currently being recorded on paper from the vessel forward to the processors but is designed for electronic data entry as well.

FIP representatives meet with Sea Delight Supplier Thinh Hung

FIP representatives meet with Sea Delight Supplier Thinh Hung

 WWF USA consultant Keith Symington and VINATUNA Assistant Chairman Tran Van Hao have been calling on local tuna processors to get feedback on the use of the code and discussing planned audits of the system near the end of this summer. The audits will help verify the accuracy of the information being collected in the trace code and the correct means of tracking “FIP fish” through the chain of custody. Sea Delight will report here on the upcoming audits once the results are in.

Adriana Sanchez