April 10, 2019. Nha Trang, Vietnam

The Vietnam Tuna Association, (VINATUNA), is Vietnam’s national tuna organization. A volunteer organization supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, VINATUNA’s role is to support tuna fisheries and businesses and to promote sustainable development. VINATUNA is the FIP coordinating organization for the Vietnam Hook and Line Tuna FIP. In March of this year VINATUNA became a member of IPNLF.

The International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) is a conservation NGO that works with pole and line and handline tuna fisheries worldwide. IPNLF’s goal is to “advocate for improved domestic and international management for sustainable tuna fisheries, to protect against overfishing, reduce bycatch of vulnerable species and improve governance”. IPNLF works towards these goals by engaging in tuna FIPs worldwide. Recently IPNLF had its first yellowfin tuna FIP reach Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification as a sustainable fishery.

VINATUNA Chairman Mr. Vu Dinh Dap and IPNLF Managing Director Martin Purves

VINATUNA Chairman Mr. Vu Dinh Dap and IPNLF Managing Director Martin Purves

As a result of this new partnership VINATUNA invited IPNLF Managing Director Martin Purves to come to Nha Trang, Vietnam and hold face-to-face discussions on cooperation.

Greeted by the VINATUNA team, led by VINATUNA Chairman Mr. Vu Dinh Dap, Mr. Purves congratulated VINATUNA on membership and on supporting the “one-by-one” Vietnam handline tuna fishery. Director Dap pledged cooperation with IPNLF on working towards the sustainable management of the fishery. This pledge of cooperation was reciprocated by Mr. Purves.

Director Dap then showed a short video about VINATUNA and the work it does to support and promote Vietnam tuna fisheries and business. Mr. Purves also showed a short video about IPNLF and the work it does with “one-by-one” tuna fisheries worldwide.

Also present at the meeting was Vietnam Tuna FIP Coordinator and WWF consultant Keith Symington (by SKYPE) and FIP Partner/IPNLF Member Sea Delight’s Sustainability Director, Stephen Fisher. Both expressed congratulations to VINATUNA on IPNLF membership and expressed interest in cooperation with IPNLF.

As all parties cooperate to continue to move the Vietnam Tuna FIP, and its “one-by-one” handline fishery, closer to MSC certification, we will continue to monitor progress. Important events will be reported here.


Adriana Sanchez