MIAMI – March 4, 2019– Atlantic Fisheries, LLC, fresh division of the Sea Delight Group based in Miami, FL will be representing Mar Andino Perú S.A.C. MAPSAC product Steelhead Trout in the Canadian market.


MAPSAC’s operations have not used antibiotics in floating cages since 2015 and are actively working to turn all their hatcheries to be antibiotic free by 2021. The steelhead trout is farmed in the lakes of Choclococha and Punrun in the Andean mountains of Peru and are in very remote areas, with no cities, towns or industrial activity nearby. Mar Andino can have more controlled sanitary protocols thanks to the absence of other producers; helping reduce risk of diseases and allowing them to produce the highest quality trout in the market today.

“We look forward to working with the team at Atlantic Fisheries, LLC,” said Eduardo Kipreos, Executive President. We are confident that their knowledge of the North American fresh and frozen seafood market will help us expand our Mar Andino brand and introduce a high-quality farm raised product not only in Canada, but also in the USA.”

“Our customers not only care about our high-quality seafood products, but also care about the impact sourcing practices have on our environment and the people that fish and farm these products,” said Eugenio Sánchez, President.  “We are excited to collaborate with Mar Andino because their innovative farming techniques have allowed them to produce a superior product with low impact in the environment while contributing to the local community’s livelihoods. Their farming operations have provided employment opportunities to more than 200 Quechua members in the surrounding community. They have also contributed to infrastructure development, thus providing child-care services as well as technical assistance in the raising of Alpacas, another important protein of commercial value in this community.”

MAPSAC has now three farm sites, the other two in Lake Punrun and their processing plant is in Lima, Peru. Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen All Star season 17 Chef Robyn Almodovar will be preparing delicious samples at the Seafood Expo North America. You can find this tasting at Sea Delight’s Booth #3323.


About Atlantic Fisheries, LLC

ADS Seafood, LLC dba Atlantic Fisheries was founded in 1995 by Eugenio and Margarita Sanchez as a fresh seafood importer that supplies processors, distributors and retailers in the southern United States and Canada. Atlantic Fisheries is committed to providing the freshest seafood available at the best pricing year-round and our goal is to build long term relationships through honesty, education in seafood, and great value. Atlantic Fisheries management has over 30 years of experience in the seafood industry and they use this to ensure the best quality seafood is delivered at competitive prices. The company is the fresh division of the Sea Delight Group and operates from its facility in the Doral area of Miami, Florida.


Mar Andino Perú S.A.C. (MAPSAC)

Founded in 2008 with the objective to offer clients worldwide a different food experience. A product raised in unique conditions at 4,600 meters above ocean level in the pristine Lakes of Choclococha and Punrun in the Peruvian Andes. In 2015, Mar Andino was launched as an initiative to brand their superior products, raised with no antibiotics on growth or chemicals. The company supports hundreds of local Quechua family members through employment opportunities, enabling Mar Andino to offer the best Steelhead Trout 52 weeks, year-round. MAPSAC also enjoys unparalleled logistic advantage operating out of Lima, Perú for fresh programs, only five hours away from Miami and with access to daily flights to the US. They are the first trout company in the world to achieve BAP 4 Stars, is BRC certified, and is working towards achieving ASC certification in 2019.  For further information, please visit and

Adriana Sanchez