Albert Levy brings over fourteen years of experience in sales and international business development to Sea Delight Canada, SL

MIAMI – January 31, 2019– Eugenio Sánchez, Sea Delight’s President, announced that Sea Delight has hired Albert Levy as the new Sales Manager for Sea Delight Canada, SL.

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“Albert brings his vast experience and knowledge of global markets as well management of international and multicultural teams to our company,” said Sánchez.

Before joining Sea Delight Canada, Albert held the positions of Country Manager and Managing Director in the international department of Encofrados J. Alsina, SA. He successfully brought the Catalan company to Mallorca, Spain and played a key role in penetrating the very competitive markets of Poland and the Philippines. In this role, he was able to open a total of 6 offices and warehouses and pioneered the company’s introduction of their products in global markets such as Romania, Israel, and China, to name a few.

Albert has a M.S. in Business from the University of Maryland, College Park, as well as a B.A. in Economics from Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, Quebec. He is very well travelled, and fluent in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, and has communicative skills in Catalan.


 About Sea Delight Canada, SL

Sea Delight Canada, SL was founded in 2009 as an initiative seeking to target the market of frozen seafood products in Canada. With a combined industry experience developed over 50 years of working in the seafood business, the company’s founders have quickly helped Sea Delight Canada, SL become an industry leader in the market of both high-quality frozen and fresh seafood in Canada. Superior products, excellent customer service and our commitment to responsible business practices have grown Sea Delight Canada, SL, and its sister companies, into market leaders and international conservation specialists in the seafood industry today.

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